Make Your Own

At Lotus Beads and Jewelry, we do repairs and custom jewelry, but what gives us greatest joy is sharing the love of beading with you!  We love the customers who make returning to the store year after  year a customary part of their vacations or visits.  We have 2 work tables in-store available during most business hours (exceptions for classes or private parties).  We know that handmade gifts are cherished forever, and gifts mean more when made by you.

Our work tables are free to use during store hours when you bring your own tools. We offer a $5.00 tool rental to borrow any of our tools including: Pliers, Hammers, Knotty-Do-It-All Board, Bench Blocks and Stamping Tools.  Included with the tool rental is a knowledgeable employee who will also help you start and finish your product.

Making your own personalized piece in-store is great for stress relief, family activity, girls’ night out, or just for fun!

We can’t wait to share why we love beads and jewelry making so much, so come on in and get inspired!